GW infodesign, inc. combines the skills of two award-winning technical writers, John Welle and Kymm Gossett Welle. Our unique mix of technical expertise and user insight allows us to work collaboratively and provide customers with a total information design solution. Incorporated in 2002, we provide complete solutions — including project and process management, writing and editing print and online documentation, and graphic and template design — from planning through production.

John Welle


John Welle contributes more than 20 years of technical writing and project management experience to the business. He has a reputation for translating highly technical material into usable information, drawing from technical expertise that spans many domains.

John developed his strong cross-functional perspective and understanding of project and product lifecycles at previous project and group management positions at PictureTel and USPowerSolutions. He has planned, researched, and written nearly every form of documentation including hardware and software guides, reference manuals, online help systems, requirements specifications, best practices documents, technical illustrations, marketing collateral, and graphic and template design.

John has taught graduate-level technical writing courses at both Northeastern University and University of Massachusetts, Lowell. He holds a Masters degree in Technical and Professional Writing from Northeastern University and a B.S. in Cognitive Science from the University of California San Diego.


Kymm Gossett Welle


Kymm Gossett Welle brings an extensive background in information design and user experience to the company. Her combination of project management, user analysis, and writing and editing skills give Kymm the ability to deliver information design solutions that meet customer needs.

Kymm has over 20 years of experience creating environments in which users can best learn and use products. She has designed, written, and produced documentation, online help, and quick reference tools for a wide range of companies. From digital newsroom systems to videoconferencing equipment to children’s furniture, Kymm’s strong knowledge of usability and user interface design have resulted in products that are clear, concise, and intuitive.

Previously, Kymm was Information Development Manager at both Virtual Ink and PictureTel, managing award-winning teams that included user documentation, user interface design, internationalization, usability, and packaging members.